Dr. Helen Candea

Dr. Helen Candea graduated from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2023.  Prior to veterinary school, she first earned a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance followed by a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Having experience in two very different life avenues has only strengthened her love for veterinary medicine and determination to provide empathy to clients and the best possible care for their furry/winged/scaley loved ones. Dr. Candea believes in a team-based approach when practicing medicine- she strives to spread knowledge and understanding, and to have open-communication with clients during their visits. Whether a routine check-up or an urgent-care visit, Dr. Candea wants her patients and clients to feel supported and understood; doing whatever she can to further strengthen the human-animal bond. Her interests within veterinary medicine include small animal medicine, exotics, surgery, and dermatology. Outside of the clinic, Dr. Candea enjoys spending time with her two dogs, two cats, turtle, leopard gecko, and bearded dragon. She also takes time to appreciate the warmer weather (having grown up in Pennsylvania) and being wonderfully close to the beach.

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